Built on the concept of ‘Tap. Learn. Play’, Extramarks Toddlers uses technology alongside other hands-on learning activities to develop logic reasoning and creative abilities in children from a very young age. With interactive applications and games to strengthen logic, linguistic competence, art, and creativity, Toddlers is tailored as per the skills and knowledge required for the foundational development of kids. The strict parental control features on the tab, also helps one monitor usage and activity at any given time.

Extramarks Toddlers is now available as an app across all 3 platforms and as a standalone tablet.

0-2 Years

Identification & Recognition based activities.

2-3 Years

Classification & Sorting based activities

3+ Years

Ordering, Exploration & Comprehension based activities

Kids-Friendly Content

  • Pre-loaded with over 150 kids-friendly apps
  • Aimed at children between age group 1 to 4 years
  • Curated Content, selected by educators and experts
  • Unlimited Access to engaging stories, rhymes & games
  • Game Based and Interactive Methodology

Parental Control

  • Set up and manage up to 4 unique child profiles
  • Manage and restrict daily and weekly play hours of the child
  • Monitor and track child’s activity and app usage
  • Facility of updating individual and main application

Skill Development

Extramarks Toddlers helps develop the following skills:

  • Motor & Sensory Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Reading & Listening Skills
  • Social & Emotional Skills
  • Speech & Language Skills
  • Creativity & Problem Solving Skills
  • Basic Literacy Skills
  • Organizing & Manipulative Skills
  • Music & Sound Skills
  • Art, Craft & Aesthetic Skills

Snapshot of Applications


Vast and varied collection of popular, educational and fun rhymes.


An educational world of famous short stories for kids.

Interactive Stories

Stories with captivating illustrations, amusing sound effects and delightful interactivity.

Super Shapes

A fun game that helps children recognize and identify shapes.

Colours Splash

An entertaining colouring game for kids.

Numbers Adventure

A number game to develop early numeracy skills in children.

Fruits Mania

A fun and engaging app that helps develop the ability to recognize and remember fruits.

Animal Kingdom

An application for learning about the different types of animals and their classifications.

Alphabet World & Hindi Alphabets

An app to develop reading, writing and pre-literacy skills in children.

Body parts

An app that helps develop rational ability in children to recognize different parts of the body.

Music Zone

Virtual musical instruments to develop musical skills.

A to Z Chants

Fun-Filled Rhyme for Letter A.

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